Why use labour hire?

Increasingly difficult industrial environments lead to highly fluctuating levels of performance and production.


The benefits of using Labour Hire organisations are well documented. Many job opportunities are short term yet create difficult recruitment problems. This process can be time consuming, tedious and frustrating, especially due to the changing demographics of the current labour force. With this, legislative amendments such as changes to work health and safety legislation, changes in superannuation, workers compensation and redundancy issues create ever increasing and costly burdens upon employers.


At BSM we believe our people management is without par. Our clients deal with stable, reliable and knowledgeable representatives with a long and successful history within the industry. Our workforce, which has a unique culture compared to our competitors, is ready to alleviate these concerns.


Attitudes of our workers


Although dealing with people can be unpredictable and human nature is such that control of this unpredictability does not always go to plan, at BSM we believe we minimize the potential for this by knowing our industry and the people within it. Unlike our competitors we do not merely try to “fill gaps” and “get hours up”, we believe in getting the right person the first time. Quite often the wrong person in a job can blow costs right out and put projects and production targets in jeopardy.


We believe all recruitment organisations are a product of the people they employ. BSM prides itself with the relations we have with our workers. This positive relationship is then reflected out on your site, with minimal problems and issues arising on site. It is important to us that our personnel enhance company performance, not create unnecessary problems.


By striving to keep the communication between the workers and ourselves as open as possible, we obtain a high degree of loyalty from our workers. The way we treat them, leads to better performances on the job. As stated previously a number of personnel have been with BSM for up to 10 years. We know our people and what they are capable of.


Unsatisfactory work


If at any time a worker is unsatisfactory and BSM are notified within the 4 hours upon commencement of their first shift, the client will not be charged. Our workers are provided with relevant job descriptions outlining their responsibilities prior to going on site, and we do not expect our clients to accept bad work performance.