With over 2000 workers in our personnel database  we are sure to have someone available to suit your needs.


At BSM we strive to keep in regular contact with all our personnel to know their whereabouts even when they are working elsewhere. This ensures that when our clients call they have the opportunity to get past workers or experienced and proven employees. BSM provides a range of personnel. We have highly qualified self employed sub – contractors as well as a casual workforce with low turnover. Our workers seek stable and constant work with BSM and we strive to achieve this. A high proportion of workers have been with us for many years.


Our experience originated in the metal trades, but has since diversified into stores, production workers and construction personnel. Below are the positions that we cater for:





 Crane Operators

 Machine Operators

 General Hands/Trade Assistants

 Forklift Drivers

 Process workers





Permanent Placements


We understand the desire for our clients to transfer exceptional workers to permanent positions. BSM’s policy is not to stand in the way of our workers successfully obtaining stable and prosperous positions which are in their best interests. A tradesman however requires a minimum of six months work with BSM at the clients’ premises prior to accepting permanency. All other workers have a minimum of a three month period. With this there will be no fee upon permanent placement. If a permanent placement is requested prior to the six or three month period, BSM will negotiate a competitive fee, or may wave the fee completely.